IWC Call for Proposals for Small Grants 2019

The IWC Call for proposals for small grants has been opened and the deadline for submission of the application forms is 10 February 2019.

Thanks to the generous support of donors and sponsors, embassies, as well as local and foreign businesses, the IWC community is able to raise funds to help different projects for the ones in need in Bulgaria. In 2018 our club supported 24 different charity organizations in Bulgaria by distributing more than 210,000 Bulgarian leva to help these organizations implement their projects.

We have opened our Call for Grants for 2019 and hope to help many different organizations with the funds raised at the IWC Bazaar 2018.

Links to: 1) Call for proposals, 2) Application Form.

The application deadline has been extended to 10 February 2019.

Message from the President


Dear International Women’s Club,

Thanks to you, we were able to support 5 teenagers for the ‘Born To Fly’ camp. These young people were able to be put in an environment where they felt supported and special. The friendships they have built at this camp will be with them for a life-time.

Thank you for your recent generous gift to International Needs Bulgaria. Your willingness to help financially poor teenagers who come from difficult backgrounds makes all the difference in the lives of these 5 teenagers.

Our ‘Born to Fly’ camp is an important part of our year-round programmes. We work with children from 10 to 18 years of age from all over Bulgaria. We emphasise on discovering and drawing out the gifts and talents in every teen, and then use their creativity to expand those talents. Our focus is on creative arts and leadership. Workshops are led by well-known professionals in the fields of music, drama, dance, and painting.

Maria just started her 12th grade year. The youngest of 4 siblings, her father left their mother soon after she was born. Her mother makes just enough to make ends meet. She naturally has an amazing voice and it was such a great opportunity to see her develop this talent at the camp.

Maya and Georgi are siblings from the town of Plovdiv. Their father has passed away leaving it very difficult for their mother to afford any special summer activities.

Valentina and Vasilka are two friends whose fathers are both in prison. If not for your gift these girls would not be able to make new friends and be surrounded by such a positive atmosphere.

I am always open for any questions you may have about our camp and other programs here at International Needs Bulgaria.

Thank you again for all that you have done for this summer’s born to fly camp

Julia Atkova, International Needs Bulgaria
  • Emergency level assistance
  • Support to disabled people
  • Social integration of orphan teenagers
  • Equal access to education and training
  • Women's issues