Lynne Godding rehearsing  Vasil Petrov

IWC President Lynne Godding has been invited to be the singing supporter of famous Bulgarian jazz and pop singer Vasil Petrov at the the charitable event Evening of the Virtues organised by For Our Children Foundation. The event will be held on October 21st, at 19:30 in Sofia Event Center, Paradise Center. The event aim is to help the most vulnerable children in Bulgaria to grow happy in a loving family.

Lynne said, “I accepted this challenge because as president of the International Women’s Club, I am well aware of the need for a change of the way in which children, parents and families are supported in Bulgaria. I infinitely admire what For Our Children Foundation has done in order to change the mindsets of people working in the social sector and to raise awareness among those who have influence. We at IWC support their work both financially and emotionally. I love to sing and if my participation will help enhance the profile of their organisation, their philosophy, their goals and achievements, then I will give some of my time and efforts.”

The singing supporters for the event are people who show in an unusual way – through the magic of music – their social responsibility towards the cause of giving every child the opportunity to grow up in a family and develop their potential. They are business leaders, parents and people with a desire to be part of the change that will improve children’s welfare in Bulgaria.

Lynne will rehearse with Vasil Petrov and will have the support of the famous Bulgarian composer, educator and pianist Rosalin Nakov.The musical performances of the singing supporters and their mentors will be presented at Evening of the Virtues to the sounds of unique, specially created musical arrangements and the guests of the event rather than giving points will donate money to express their endorsement of the efforts of the supporters and of the cause.

Please find below details of the event and how you can come and support Lynne as she helps raise funds for one of the charities that IWC supports and at the same time raises the profile of the IWC on the run up to our 20th Charity Bazaar.

Invitation Evening of the Virtues