Dear Members,
It has been an immense pleasure organizing events and activities for you all during the past two years. I’m very grateful for your support and enthusiasm during this period. We have been able to organize many different
events, and various countries have hosted and helped us. Once again, we have been able to organize an exciting month full of activities and events for you. We will be celebrating April as the month of Iraq, Lebanon, Kuwait, and Turkey. I hope you are all set to enjoy the fun and fantastic events planned for this month! We are calling all gastronomes to two entirely different cooking demonstrations this month! This month, our storytelling session for kids will focus on fairy tales and magical stories from the enchanting “Thousand and One Nights”. During the month, members from these countries will open their hearts and homes to eager beavers and explain about their traditions and associated rituals are invited to experience the rich culture and heritage of these countries through a showcase of their national costumes, jewelry, handicrafts, etc., so don’t miss the event on the 17th!
Monthly events are some of the most important activities of IWC. If you are newly arrived in Sofia, these events are a great way to meet new people and, of course, a fun way to catch up with old friends, too! You are welcome to sign up for these events at the Monthly Coffee morning or at other events. You can also e-mail me to sign up in advance. I am always open for improvements, so you are welcome to approach me with any suggestions and recommendations for future events.
Enjoy the events planned for this month!
Avantica Shinde Nielsen
Second Vice-President