On the 14th of July 2010, we were invited to a barbecue at the Home for children deprived of parental cares in Roman hosted by the Tabitha foundation. Here we got the opportunity to interact with the sweet orphans from the Home for children deprived of parental cares in the town of Roman (130 km NW from Sofia). We also met many young, enthusiastic volunteers from Holland who were helping the orphanage by donating their time, efforts and building materials. We interacted with several of the children with hearing or learning disabilities and saw the amazing progress they have made in just a few years. We were then shown around the facilities and we could see what a wonderful opportunity and environment the organisation was providing these girls and boys. The boys and girls who were about a year or two younger than the age limit when they would have to leave were provided accommodation where they were living as a family unit with their own rooms, bathrooms, communal kitchen and dining area etc.., so they all felt part of a family. This encouraged some of the students there to face the world and we saw a shining example in one of the girls who passed her exam as a massage therapist and was now entering Sofia University for further education. The mayor was also present, and Albena Matova Berova was a gracious hostess who informed us about the excellent work done by the Dutch volunteers and also told us that the IWC had donated some windows for the construction of new toilets in the orphanage. Sitting in the pleasantly shaded garden of the orphanage, we welcomed the Dutch volunteers, discussed the various facilities and opportunities for these orphans, tasted some delicious food donated by us all, interacted with some of the young orphans and left for home happy and hoping for the best for these kids. I think we are all aware that the years ahead for these kids may not be easy, but if any help rendered by IWC and our members makes their life more happy and fruitful, then we have contributed in building a strong generation of young men and women.