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On 4th July the IWC Charity team attended a canis therapy event for children with disabilities organised by “Usardie” Association in “St. Troitsa” park.

What is canis therapy?

Canis – Dog (Latin) Terapeo – treatment (Greek). At present, the concept and practical implementation of different forms of Animal Assisted Therapy are used in different countries worldwide. Canis therapy is using a rehabilitation method working with dogs – an interactive method that uses the positive relationship of the child with the dog and its interest in communicating with the animal. This type of therapy started being practiced in the Czech Republic in the nineties. The purpose of the therapy provided here in Sofia covers the following:

✓ development of adaptive behavior skills;

✓ change of the perceptions;

✓ development of interpersonal relationships.

The main beneficiaries of the project are children with autism and other mental deficiencies.