Training Programs

The IWC supports programs that provide professional training in the field of childcare. • Curative Education Therapy Seminars. Organized by Acacia Association Fund for Developmental Cooperation- Switzerland, this project provides training for staff of state institutions, schools, day centers and NGOs working with children with special needs, in the methods of curative pedagogy and social […]

Women’s Issues

The IWC Supports projects that help disadvantaged women who are at risk of abandoning their babies. • Mother and Baby Center – Stara Zagora. The Center provides shelter, care, and psychological support for mothers in difficulty. Through offering the mothers and their newborn babies a safe and supportive environment, the center helps the mothers make […]

Education Programs

The IWC supports programs that 1)encourage the educational development of socially disadvantaged students studying in Bulgarian universities and schools; and 2) foster the integration of children of ethnic minorities into mainstream schools. • The Scholarship Program. This is the fourth year of the project, in partnership with Bulgarian Charities Aid Foundation (BCAF) and the Orphan […]

Deinstitutionalisation and Social Integration Programs

The IWC supports projects that 1) implement deinstitutionalisation through provision of alternative care services; and 2) prepare teenage orphans for life after the institution and help their integration into society. • Project Gorna Koznitsa. This is a project for the development of a sustainable model of alternative residential care services for the disabled children and […]

Support for People with Disabilities

The IWC supports projects that 1) provide care and therapy to children with physical and mental disabilities to give them a better quality of life; and 2) raise public awareness and help social inclusion. • Petrovo Home. This is a social home for 90 severely disabled children. The IWC has supported this home since 2003 […]