Bazaar 2016 information

Every year the Annual Charity Bazaar provides an opportunity for countries to proudly showcase their handmade crafts, music, souvenirs, folklore, national cuisine, clothing, literature and now even culture and tradition. At the 2015 Charity Bazaar 49 countries were represented, and a total of 70 stalls participated.

Although the Bazaar presents us with a day of fun and entertainment, it also serves as the principal source of funding for the IWC’s selected charity projects. Thanks to the generous support of our embassies, donor community, as well as local and foreign businesses, the money raised in 2015 was over 330,000.00 BGN.

The IWC Charity Bazaar provides numerous opportunities to get involved. Regardless of whether you would like to give your financial support, make a gift or bring food that can be sold at one of the stalls or you can sing or dance as a participant in our entertainment programme, your help will be welcome!

Here are some ideas to kick-start your contribution:

Organise a stall for your home country, or organise a stall to reflect a passion or area of interest. For example: glass painting, photography, donated artwork or crafts – the possibilities are endless! We also need people to organise and work as volunteers at the IWC Stalls which are: Books, Bric-a-Brac, Clothes, Photos with Santa, Patchwork & Handicrafts and Toys. For more information about organising and registering a stall, please download the Stallholder’s Pack in September 2016.

Please click here to download the Stallholder’s pack. 2016-annual-charity-bazaar-introduction-pack

Act as a fundraiser through approaching companies who wish to make a financial contribution. We offer various publicity packages in return for the generosity of companies and businesses who support our projects. For more information, please download the following document available in Bulgarian and English:

Please click here to download Donors request letter 2016 in ENG: en-donors-letter-2016

Please click here to download Donors request letter 2016 in BG: bg-donors-letter-2016

Donate new and second-hand clothes (good condition only!), books, toys, house-hold goods, etc. The IWC continually accepts donations of various articles. Those items that don’t go for sale at the Charity Bazaar are distributed to orphanages and associations in need. We would also appreciate donated goods or services for our fundraising events.

Offer to bring supplies and goods back from your travels abroad.

Plan an event such as a benefit picnic, lunch, cocktail party or silent auction. The proceeds can be donated directly to the Bazaar or may be used to finance your stall’s goods.

Communicate to others the need for donors and volunteers to make the Bazaar even more successful than previous years. Volunteer inquiries for extra volunteers should be directed to the Volunteer Coordinator no later than November 14.

Accept help. If someone offers to help you, please accept. Nothing is more discouraging than to offer help and to be told that it is not needed. If you have enough help already, please pass the volunteer’s name on to the Volunteers Coordinator and we’ll put them to work!

Assist with the fundraising by getting in touch with the Bazaar Coordinator and passing on any information about valuable contacts that might be useful for the Bazaar.