In November, together with Ingrid and Ase, we visited the homes for children in Buzovgrad and Zlatitsa, where Drammen Rotary Club, together with IWC, contributes funds towards Baba Programs. Both institutions have a high number of babies and young children with disabilities. The Baba Program is meant more particularly to compensate for the lack of individual attention in orphanages. Retired women (“babas”) are hired to give exclusive care to two children for four hours a day. After the bond between the children and the babas is established, the emotional development of the children improves significantly, which has a positive effect on their physical development as well. Members of Drammen Rotary Club visit the two orphanages twice a year,
and seeing the children is, of course, the highlight of their visit. At both orphanages, Ingrid and Ase also met the babas, who were delighted to receive presents for themselves and the children. Especially appreciated were the beautiful and colorful woolens handknitted in Norway! We are very grateful to Drammen Rotary Club for their additional financial support—24 beds, bed linens, and mattresses were changed this year in Buzovgrad, and the home in Zlatitsa received 2000 EUR to buy some of the most needed stuff for which there
are no allocations from the state budget. Our friends from Norway also supported the Charity Bazaar—
they brought a lot of presents which were sold at the Nordic Stall. Takk så mye!