The IWC supports programs that 1)encourage the educational development of socially disadvantaged students studying in Bulgarian universities and schools; and 2) foster the integration of children of ethnic minorities into mainstream schools.

• The Scholarship Program. This is the fourth year of the project, in partnership with Bulgarian Charities Aid Foundation (BCAF) and the Orphan Foundation. In 2009-2010 117 students are receiving financial aid, 76 of them in universities and 41 at high school level. The IWC is the major financial supporter of the Program.

• Bonne Mine. This is a French-based NGO that runs comprehensive support programs in institutions in Bulgaria, from renovation of living space according to EU standards, to vocational training of orphan youths, educational programs and sports programs. The IWC contributed funds to Bonne Mine Foundation’s Scholarship Program.

• Otec Paisy School, Dolno Kamartsi. This primary and middle school successfully integrates children of Roma background. The IWC provided new school desks and school supplies and funds the after school catch-up lesson program.

• Educational Camp, Smile Foundation. The IWC contributed funds to a summer educational camp for the children of Gorna Banya and Dupnitza social homes. This camp complements the regular tutoring, mentoring and activities that Smile Foundation provides throughout the year. The camp includes sports and arts and crafts activities as well as English courses and lectures with discussions on topics such as health issues and prevention of criminal behavior.