The IWC provides humanitarian aid such as food, clothing, medicine, medical equipment, and structural repairs to buildings.

• The Social Kitchen. The IWC has supported the social kitchen since its start in 2002 and supports the provision of a daily lunch for elderly, poor citizens and people with disabilities every winter. The 2009/2010 Social Kitchen provided meals for 1750 people at 12 distribution points in Sofia and 1 in Varna. The project was initiated by BNP PARIBAS in cooperation with the Sofia Municipality.

• Hospice Milosardie. It offers comprehensive care to terminally ill people. It also assists elderly people in their homes and operates a soup kitchen throughout the year. The IWC pays a portion of the running costs.

• Pastra Home. The IWC contributed funds to “Initiative Pastra”, implemented by Concordia Foundation, which aims to improve the living conditions of 80 adult men with mental health problems, living in Pastra Home near Rila.

• Pleven Orphanage. This is a home to 240 children aged 0 to 4 many of whom have disabilities. The IWC contributed funds to the remodeling of the kitchen according to EU standards.

• Svoge Invalids’ Association. The association provides services to 680 invalids in their homes. The IWC donates food, clothing and bed linen every year of Invalids’ Day.