On the 21st October the fundraising event ‘Evening of the Virtues’ took place at the Paradise Centre in Sofia. Hosted by the For Our Children Foundation, an organisation which the IWC supports, the charitable event raised funds that will encourage the fulfilling development of young children in Bulgaria. For Our Children Foundation will support parents of children with developmental difficulties in order to provide them with a permanent and supporting family environment and to stimulate the development of their full potential.

Only for the last year, For Our Children Foundation supported 518 children and their families. This means that 518 children’s lives have been saved, affecting the world of hundreds of people around them. These infants have changed our world as well, because every moment spent with them broadens our minds, makes us believe that there are no invincible challenges and impossible dreams. We know that we can support even a greater number of children.

Lynne Godding, president of IWC was kindly invited to sing along famous Bulgarian singer Vasil Petrov during the evening. We are inviting you to pledge for Lynne’s performance in order to support the causes of the For Our Children Foundation. You can donate by clicking here

You can watch Lynne’s video card here.