“EBRU” MARBLING – demonstration and course

The art of ebru, or marbling as it is known in English, is a mysterious art whose history and technique hold many secrets. By whom, when or how ebru was discovered is unknown. However, researchers agree that it originated in the city of Bukhara in Turkistan, and from here spread via the Silk Road to Persia, India and Anatolia.

The difficulties entailed by ebru lend it an uncertainty which is certainly part of its fascination.

In the past patterned paper was traditionally used to line book bindings, but today ebru works are often framed as pictures.

In outline the traditional method is as follows: First a solution of gum tragacanth is placed in deep tray. The sap obtained from the stems of Astragalus Tragacantha, gum tragacanth, lends viscosity to the water. Who originally had this idea? No one knows. The origin of the method of preparing the pigments is another mystery. Having been ground to a fine powder the pigments are mixed with some kind of solutions. Then one or two small spoonsful of fresh cattle gall are added to aid surface fluidity. The paints are now ready to use. The paints are dripped or sprinkled onto the surface of the solution with a brush. Dipping a stick into the water, the paint is gently swirled into the desired pattern. The sheet of paper is now gently placed on surface of the solution, and after waiting few seconds carefully lifted.

Fee: 20 BGN per person, All necessary materials to create an original work of art. As a compliment – some refreshments and cookies.



Nov 09 2019


10:30 am - 12:00 pm


20 BGN per person

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