Open Discussion-Introduction with Maria Alexiadou; Life Coaching

We all want to feel happy and free. But so often we cannot get out of our thoughts, our negative feelings or our inner resistance. What keeps us away from living a fulfilled life? This is mainly related to what we believe consciously or unconsciously and how we see other people and life, what quality of thoughts we make and how much we ultimately believe them.
Come Thursday 12.09 in an open chat about:

  * The power of the subconscious
* What are limited beliefs and how can we identify, observe and change them
* What is the EGO and how does it affect our daily lives
* Why we always attract the same people and situations in our lives and how to change that.
* Fears, traumas and blockages

Come to see how your thoughts and feelings are directly linked to the reality you live in.

Maria Alexiadou, IWC former member is a Certified theta Healing Therapist. She works with various self-development methods and helps people see their lives from a new perspective. This has a beautiful outcome: It allows you to step out of the role of the victim, to finish your drama and start living a happy and free life.

Fee: Free, refreshments will be served. Seats are limited.


Sep 12 2019


6:00 pm



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