Walking Tour, Historical Route Sofia, Homes and Palaces

That route is a balance between the most famous buildings in Sofia and some significant buildings which are typically outside the tour guides and tours. The route gives information about:

– the Roman city Ulpia Serdika and one century old Roman street;

– how did the ottoman Sofia look like and where was the old clock tower;

– why Sofia was called the Bulgarian Venice immediately after the Bulgarian Liberation;

– when did the electric trams run for the first time in Sofia;

– which were the houses of the first Bulgarian prime minister and the first minister of justice;

– were was the elegant street Targovska located;

– which is the Vegetarian residential building;

– who were the most important architectural styles and architects in old Sofia;

– some of the interesting details about building like the Royal Palace, National Assembly, the Military club, the National theater and the Largo complex.

Here you can find the map of the route with the list of the different sites below:


Fee: 15 BGN for Min. 6 participants


Sep 25 2019


1:00 pm

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