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A group of lovely very artistic ladies joined the “Felt Ladies” from Rojdestvo Hristovo Foundation last Tuesday, 16th of June, to learn about the basics of needle felting in their new social centre in Lyulin.

Vania Sigridova, the artistic brain of the Foundation was an amazing teacher, we are now all set with the knowledge, materials and needles to further practice at home and start producing more felt items!! We noticed how much work and love goes into producing the beautiful handicrafts (especially the nativity scenes and Christmas decorations) we can buy at the IWC Charity Bazaar each year!

Rojdestvo Hristovo Foundation is a charity with the mission of providing moral and material support for single mothers who raise their children alone in the city of Sofia. Their aim is to empower women by helping them to develop life management skills. A personalised programme is developed to address each individual’s needs. In addition, mothers are given the opportunity to participate in the craft workshop at their social centre, where they can work according to their interests and abilities. In this friendly environment, the mothers experience work therapy, as well as earn a modest income.

Over the past 16 years, Rojdestvo Hristovo’s social centre has helped more than 500 mothers, over 70 of whom have achieved good material and social status. 6 mothers became members of the staff at the Rojdestvo Hristovo centre.

Recently, the social centre began to offer teaching and work at home for women who would like to learn to make souvenirs out of felt. They also take clothes donations (mother and children). If you are interested in this opportunity or would like to volunteer with this Charity in any way, please contact IWC member Sara Sedó (sara.sedo@gmail.com) or Lucy Balikova, the Director of the Rojdestvo Hristovo Foundation directly (liudmila_balikova@yahoo.com).

Sara Sedó