Dear Members of the IWC of Sofia,

According to the Constitution of the IWC, the Nominating Committee of 5 members – one member appointed by the Executive Board and four members elected by the membership began the preparation and organization of the election of the new IWC Executive Board 2012/2013.

The Nominating Committee is in compliance with all the provisions of the IWC Constitution. Every member of the Nominating Committee has been an IWC member for over a year, has not served or more than one consecutive year on the Nominating Committee.

The responsibility of the Nominating Committee is to recruit candidates from among our membership, inviting them to apply for the Board Positions, as well as to insure that the applicants meet the eligibility requirements as set forth in our constitution.

Therefore as an authorized Nominating Committee we are kindly inviting you to take some time to think about the reasons for joining the IWC, what you like about the IWC, what you don’t like and think could be changed for the better. We encourage you to submit your candidacy. You could be the woman, with the experience, either professional or voluntary, with the ideas, the vision and the creativity, that would help us set new goals. Share your ideas how to enlarge our membership and improve and popularize the image of the club. Please give us your vision in writing so that all IWC members can read it, and select the candidate they feel is most appropriate for the job.

We urge all our members to participate in voting thereby insuring a successful election. Your vote counts and makes our club a success!

Please feel free to be a part of the new IWC Executive Board 2012 – 2013 and apply for your chosen board position. The club needs you!

In the interest of the transparency the Nominating Committee publishes the criteria and calls forth on all our members of at least one year standing to put their names up for office. In their application letter, applicants should introduce themselves briefly and state the specific office of candidacy they are interested in running for.

All candidates for the Board positions must have no less than one year membership in the club and have paid their membership fee. As the most important criteria will be respected:

How active has the applicant been during the past year and what is her contribution to the club,
What is the vision for increasing the IWC membership and propose measures to growing of the club,
The candidate’s participation as a voluntee
Has a clear understanding of the constitution
Professional or volunteer background
Capacity of negotiation and public relations

In purpose of fairness please send your application to all members of the Nominating Committee:
Diana Michaels-Christopher:
Julia Martiniak:
Anne Bang:
Iliana Zlatareva:
Grace Tift:

The deadline for submitting their application and their mission statement is the 20th of March. No additional nominations can be made after 20 March.

After this deadline the Nominating Committee will prepare a list of candidates meeting the constitutional requirements for each office and present it to the Membership at the April General Meeting. The list of candidates will be printed in the April newsletter and sent by email to all members.

When two or more nominees contest an office, election shall be decided by a simple majority obtained in a written ballot. In the event of an uncontested list of candidates, the members will be asked to vote by viva voce (vocal assent: voicing out loud yea or nea) during the General Assembly.

No more than three members of the same nationality can be nominated to serve on one and the same Executive Board.

The following Board Positions and Their Duties shall constitute the Executive Board:

1. The President shall preside at all meetings and set the agenda of all Board Meetings. She may appoint Special Committees with the Executive Board’s approval. She is the official representative and ex officio member of all committees, except the Nominating Committee. She shall be appointed as President of the Charity Foundation of the International Women’s Club, Sofia.

2. The First Vice-President shall assist the President in her duties by accepting specific tasks delegated to her by the President. She shall, in particular, assist the President in representational duties. She shall perform the duties of the President in the latter’s absence, in coordination with the Second Vice-President.

3. The Second Vice-President shall assist the President in her duties by accepting specific tasks delegated to her by the President. She shall be responsible for and participate actively in monthly activities and events, including the monthly meetings, and will maintain communication with activity leaders. She shall liaise with the First Vice-President.

4. The Secretary shall conduct the correspondence and records of the Foundation. She shall keep the minutes of meetings of the Executive Board, the Annual General Meeting, and other business meetings of the Foundation, and, following each Board Meeting, shall provide all Board Members with copies of the minutes. She shall be responsible for answering any e-mail correspondence sent to the IWC and seeing that the IWC website is updated on a monthly basis. In the case that both the President and the Vice President are absent, she shall perform their regular duties.

5. The Treasurer shall keep the financial records and accounts, pay approved accounts of expenditure, and reimburse members for approved expenses incurred on behalf of IWC. In addition to the duties in Article 10, the Treasurer shall inform the Membership Coordinator of membership renewal, and the Treasurer shall be responsible for transferring a) all charitable donations and b) any excess funds beyond operating costs to the Charity Foundation of the International Women’s Club, Sofia. The Treasurer will also be responsible for presenting biannual financial reports (one at midterm,following the bazaar, and one at the end of the IWC’s fiscal year) to the members by e-mail and newsletter, with both reports including details on where funds came from and where they were disbursed.

6. The Membership Coordinator shall be responsible for enrollment of all new members, compiling and maintaining the current membership list, and providing membership papers and name badges for all meetings. She shall ensure new members receive a welcome pack on joining and shall contact new members between meetings to encourage their participation in Foundation activities. She shall be responsible for compiling and maintaining the members’ telephone directory and the publication distribution list. She shall be responsible for answering all membership queriesreceived by e-mail or via the IWC website. She shall also appoint the Hospitality Committee to assist with the above-mentioned responsibilities.

7. The Editor is responsible for the preparation and the publication of the monthly publication, to be called the IWC of Sofia Newsletter. For this activity, she will be assisted by an Associate Editor and Circulation Manager, who shall be appointed with the assistance of the Executive Board.

8. The Charity Chairperson shall preside over the Charity Committee; together, they shall identify charity projects. The Charity Chairperson shall ensure that for each charity project, there is one project head responsible for the smooth running of that project, and who shall report back to the Charity Committee. She shall participate in the charity visits and their organization. The Charity Chairperson shall be appointed as Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Charity Foundation of the International Women’s Club, Sofia. On behalf of said Charity Foundation, she shall distribute donations and maintain the funds. The Charity Chairperson is required to present an annual report that details what charities are receiving funding and how much funding they receive on an annual basis. This report will be presented to the members in a general assembly meeting, as well as in the newsletter and by e-mail. She is accountable to the Executive Board of the IWC.

9. The Vice Charity Chairperson shall support and assist the Charity Chairperson in all her duties and by accepting specific tasks delegated to her by the Charity Chairperson. She shall perform the duties of the Charity Chairperson in the latter’s absence. The Vice Charity Chairperson shall be appointed on the Board of Directors of the CharityFoundation of the International Women’s Club, Sofia.

10.The Bazaar Coordinator coordinates the planning, setting up, and running of the Charity Bazaar. She takes active part, together with the other Board Members, in setting up the Bazaar Team and liaises with the President, First Vice President, and Charity Chairperson for all matters concerning the Bazaar. She presides at Bazaar Board Meetings and gives regular updates about the Bazaar to the IWC Board and IWC members. She keeps the Board Members informed through the year about ongoing activities concerning the Bazaar.

11. Website Editor: To be determined in coordination with the Secretary and the Newsletter Editor, with the objective to make the IWC website more interactive and linked to the existing social networks.