Dear Friends,

Our January trips are mainly related to different folklore rituals. I am very happy to announce that we have a few people already signed for our Mummers proposals on January 13th and January 14th. We are looking for more friends to join these trips for a lot of fun, mummers dancing and of course home-made wine and rakiya. We will be happy to spend some unforgettable time together for some of the most magical and mysterious rituals in Bulgaria – the mummers.

Below are the programs for the two trips:
Jan 13, Friday – Bonfire Mummers Dances in the villages of Central Western Bulgaria
We can see young Bulgarian men showing their strength jumping around big bonfires in order to bring health and fertility to their villages.Man with scary masks, with ribbons and animal’s skin will have performance around big bonfire. Usually groups from few villages participate in that magic ritual.Of course – lots of rakiya and wine.
Departure at 5.10pm from Radisson Hotel and at 5,30pm from Hilton Hotel
Expected return at around 11.0- 11.30 pm
Price is: Leva 65/per person, calculated at min. of 10 peoplePrice includes: transportation, English speaking guide, a snack and wine.* Would you please bring enough films for pictures or let your digital cameras are full with free space cards.
Jan 14, Saturday – Mummers in the villages of Central Western Bulgaria
Let’s join the western Bulgarian sourvakari in their rituals. We are going to visit 4 villages, all of them with different masks and costumes, but similar rituals. Let’s see the Mummers in action or how they push the bad spirits away? We have been organizing that tour for 16 years- same time, same places and the tour has never been the same. The mummers have never been boring. It is a big fun, especially when we can see them doing their obligations to protect the village fertility.
Departure: 8.00 am from Radisson Hotel
8.20 am from Hilton Hotel
Expected return: around 5.30 – 6.0 pm
Price is: 77 Leva/per person, calculated at min. of 10 people
Price is Leva 60/per person, calculated at min. of 20 people

Price includes transportation, guide and driver’s escort, light lunch in the area.Discount of 10% for IWC members
For more information about the trips or to sign for the trips, would you please e-mail or call me , Lyuba 0888 32 46 30 (till January 8th ) or Stefan at 0886 955 887 or 0885 828 472 :