Dear Friends,
I hope you all are enjoying the wonderful sunshine these days. Was it just a couple of months ago that we were bogged down in meter-high piles of snow? The gorgeous weather these days has left me invigorated and looking forward to the coming year.I’d like to welcome you all to a year of friendship and service. The new board has already started working hard on the changes suggested and we aim to improve the club so that you’ll all be proud to be a part of this wonderful community. My fellow board members are fantastic ladies and I’m looking forward to working with such a proactive and creative bunch.I’d like to thank the many members who have offered their support and congratulations since I was elected as the President. I’d also like to thank the outgoing board for helping us greatly during the difficult transition process. If you have specific ideas for events or if you would like to see some changes made in the club, please don’t hesitate to approach me or my fellow board members.This month we’ll celebrate and experience the culture and cuisine of Japan, the land of the rising sun! You are invited to participate in the exciting Japanese events planned during the month. Please refer to the events page in this issue for more details. The IWC Charity Foundation needs the passionate involvement of our members. Please join our Charity Action Group and the monthly visits to gain a better understanding and to make a positive difference. We have many changes planned which you’ll see implemented in the coming months. I hope you’ll join us and support us in our efforts to make this an active, progressive and dynamic club!
Yours Truly,
Avantica Shinde Nielsen
IWC Sofia