Dear Ladies,

It is with great pride that I inform you of the following. Our dear friend, Valia Batista( in her capacity as IWC President) has been nominated in Grazia Magazines Women of the Year 2011 competition. Grazia Magazine are our Media Partners for the 2011 Charity Bazaar.

I am sending you in pdf file the procedure for voting for Valia. Because Grazia web site is in Bulgarian and you can experience some difficulties, I have indicated with arrows, the process to be followed. Please share the information to all of your friends, etc. If Valia wins the award, it will boost IWC’s exposure in Sofia. With the Annual Charity Bazaar coming up in less than a month, that will definitely be a good thing!

For more information, I can be reached at

Thanks for your vote!

Maria Ilieva

IWC Web Editor and Bazaar PR and Marketing