Welcome to our first meeting of 2014 and a very Happy New Year to you all.

I do hope you had fun and good times with your family and friends over the holiday period and are now back refreshed and raring to go (or are you like many that need a holiday to get over the holiday?!)

January can be quite a ‘low’ month with the cold weather of winter really settling in and making people think about hibernating indoors rather than venturing out and none of the hurly-burly of preparations and dinners and parties to attend. So, here comes the IWC to the rescue with some ideas for activities and reasons to get out of the house or apartment and meet up with others and have a good time! Have a look at our activities calendar at the back of this newsletter for an idea of some of the activities already booked and look out on the activities table for any more that have been organised since the newsletter went to print. We thought we’d have a bar night this month, so on the 23rd we are meeting in the rather plush Sense Hotel penthouse bar (cocktails are their speciality!). Get your ‘glad rags’ on and come and join us from 8pm for a few drinks and fun company. Of course we have our usual monthly lunch which this time is trying Armenian fare and also this month a chance to visit the famous pagan festival of the Mummers (Kukeri) which is being organised by Lyuba Tours. A typical Bulgarian cultural event not to be missed!

Talking of activities, we have a very active Lozenets coffee group that meet up regularly and we are keen to get other house/coffee groups going. The idea is for smaller localised gatherings where members (and guests) who live in that area can go without having to travel too far. So if there are a group of you who live in Simeonovo/Dragalevtsi or Iztok or the Centre (or other clusters of neighbours that I haven’t thought of) how about getting together? Each area just needs someone to organise it. Let us know about it and we will advertise it to the membership for you.

Finally, 2014 is the 25th Anniversary of the International Women’s Club of Sofia. So happy birthday to us! We are planning some celebrations in the spring and a small book is being planned charting the events, achievement and progress over the last quarter of a century. We would love some ideas from you about how you would like the club to celebrate or to share some of your experiences over the years to either go into the booklet or in our newsletter. Please send your thoughts into the office office@iwc-sofia.org.  

Have a very pleasant January.