G15 Summer Camp 2015 B.Vets 145 G15 Summer Camp 2015 B.Vets 205 G15 Summer Camp 2015 B.Vets 233 G15 Summer Camp 2015 B.Vets 296

For one week in Tsumnatitsa, Borovets 43 children enjoyed a time of laughter, joy, fun, love. We spent wonderful time with them. Games, music, singing, dancing, arts and crafts, sport and fun programs in the evening filled their days.

This year we also had about six 6 year old kids at the camp. They were siblings of older children. Their parents are seasonal workers and the smaller ones had no place to go. It was such a pleasure to have them there. We were able to give clothes and shoes to the children and gifts to take back home. For months to come they will still speak about the camp.

On behalf of all these children we want to thank you for your support

Jack, Elsabé and Lora Louw, LORA FOUNDATION