Dear Members,

After a very successful AGM held in April, we are happy to make the following announcement. For the first time in the recent history of IWC Voting By Proxy was introduced and successcfully executed. We thank all members who were unable to attend, but who nonetheless, made use of this opportunity to participate in the AGM.

The following members were elected for the term 2012/2013 by you, the members.

President :
Avantica Shinde Nielsen

First Vice-President:
Albena Berova-Matova

Second Vice-President:
Angela Bird

Sarah Skaggs-Dimitrova

Sibeal Reynolds

Membership Co-ordinator:
Theresa Chiang Rainey

Newsletter Editor:
Sally O’Brien

Website Editor:
Worood Hazem(Wardaa)

Charity Chairperson:
Maria Ilieva

Vice Charity Chairperson:
Asya Alexandrova

Bazaar Co-ordinator:
Fatma Senem Ustun

The New Executive Board will formally take office on May, 1st. The outgoing Executive Board takes this opportunity to congratulate each lady on their appointment. We wish them success in fulfilling their responsibilites in the coming year.

Warm regards:

Outgoing Executive Board