Dear ladies,

I hope you all had a wonderful and relaxing time during the Easter festivities – the Catholic on the 01st of April or the Orthodox one on the 08th of April. Did you eat chocolate eggs or colorfully decorated hard boiled eggs? Easter is a celebration that represents new life and vitality; I wish all your new beginnings in 2018 to be crowned with success.

It has been a very busy time for the IWC. My vote of gratitude this month goes to the Charity Committee ladies for their outstanding work.  A BIG “Thank you” to Nicole, Elitsa, Elisaveta, Angelina, Rossitsa, Anne, Alexandra, Krastina, Diana, Mary, Maria I. and Maya M.   The Charity Committee meeting was held on the 07th of March at Arena di Serdica. Each project was presented by its evaluator, afterwards it was debated and deliberated about by the group – comprising of the evaluators, the Board and an IWC member on this occasion. I am pleased to announce that after the additional clarifications required, the IWC Board fully supported the funding decision of the Charity Committee.

This year rather than the standard impersonal contract by post, we decided to adapt a more close and personal approach to the signing of the contracts – by inviting the project leaders and heads of the approved for funding NGO’s to meet with us and sign their contracts in the IWC office in person.  Though time consuming, this was a beneficial procedure, as meeting face to face both parties could ask questions and we could hear from them about the planned execution for each approved project.

After payments are made and the first quarter review after funding is due, we will need involvement of the members in the follow up procedure. As identified, this is an area in which we are lacking consistent activity, we need to form small groups of 2-3 ladies, preferably one would be the project evaluator to review, visit and carry out a follow-up of the projects implementation.  This needs to be a joint effort, please spare some of your time for charity! I personally have devoted a lot of effort and time to give our organization a much needed push in the right direction. Special thanks and appreciation goes to Maya Ash our acting Charity Chairperson for her support and involvement in the grant allocation processes every step of the way.

Easter’s “new life” representation is very much in line with our agenda for today. I look forward to a productive AGM, as the achievements of the IWC are a direct result of the choices and combined efforts of each IWC member present here today!

Best wishes,

Albena Jones

IWC President