Dear members, stallholders, sponsors and volunteers,
I am so overwhelmed and would like to express my sincere appreciation to all of you for the tremendous support during your participation in our main fundraising activity – the 23rd Annual Charity Bazaar.
Through our joint efforts and generosity this year’s event has been the most successful ever.
During the bazaar day I could see the delight and smiles of the visitors, we had questions and requests from the general public why is this not a 2-3 day event, they wanted to come back and enjoy for more than a day this amazing “Round the World” journey that we created. Of course, this is a direct result from the beautiful execution from you – our Stallholders, you keep coming back, year after year with your r experience and expertise. Thank you for working extremely hard with your well established and wonderful stalls that keep the IWC Charity Bazaar going strong.
At end of the bazaar day I was so delighted when a few Stallholders told me that this has been the most satisfying and enjoyable bazaar with them raising a few thousand leva more than usual.
It goes without saying that none of this would be possible without the IWC members, our hard working Bazaar team headed by the efficient and able Mihaela Dobre who has put so many hours of preparation and planning into making this bazaar a success.
We are extremely appreciative of the generosity of our sponsors and the irreplaceable help of the numerous volunteers who assisted on the day.
I really enjoy working with each one of you and I’m inspired and proud to be the leader of such a tremendous, charitable organization. All of us as a big powerful international team have made a remarkable and vluable contribution to the fulfillment of the main IWC goal – to raise more money for the charitable projects in Bulgaria. Thank you and Happy holidays to everyone!

Albena Jones, IWC President 2017-2018