December 2018 – January 2019


December 2018 – January 2019

Dear members,

Isn’t the sense of achievement the most wonderful feeling? All of us should be feeling it after our successful bazaar execution.

Words cannot express my happiness and gratitude towards every single person that was under the Inter Expo Center roof last Sunday. The IWC Board, the Bazaar team headed by the able and efficient Nicole Simmons, the IWC members that took part, the stallholders with the hardworking and dedicated volunteers at their national stalls, the Ambassadors and Heads of missions, our IWC volunteers, our partner companies involved in the event implementation, our sponsors and donors, the entertainers and the 10 000 visitors at this year’s IWC Bazaar made it the most unforgettable event of the year 2018.

The positive comments, compliments and praises by the visitors, diplomatic community and the press have been phenomenal. This year the prognosis for the funds raised is very optimistic. So far the cash, credit card payments and ticket sales from the Bazaar day are over 300 000 BGN compared to 270 000 last year. Every day we continue to receive donations into the IWC accounts and the total will be announced at the end of January 2019. Last year that was approximately an additional 100 000 BGN, this year we anticipate even more.

I am personally very proud from the results of my idea to introduce bank card payments to the Bazaar. Even though it was a pilot project and out of 60 countries only 28 took POS terminal payments, that contributed an additional 9281,11 BGN to the Bazaar.

The IWC has gained the recognition it deserves. We had never had such extensive media coverage, a BIG “Thank you” to our media partner M3 communications and to the Bulgarian TV, radio and publications that advertised, reflected and continue to put emphasis on our Bazaar, our organization and the good that comes out of it.

This year I have decided to expand the Thank you cocktail to include not only the sponsors and donors, but also the ambassadors and their stallholders, as well as the active IWC members. Everyone involved deserves recognition!

I am delighted that we now have 21 new IWC members in the face of the female ambassadors in Bulgaria. This is another significant moment for the IWC which will bring fresh ideas and new high profile diplomatic elevation of our organization.

Finally, I would like to extend an invitation to our forthcoming IWC Christmas party which is our way to say Thank you to the IWC members for their work throughout the year.

I look forward to see you and your families at the Metropolitan Hotel (one of our Bazaar sponsors) on Sunday, the 16th of December for a festive afternoon celebration.

Best wishes, tons of appreciation and Happy Holidays!

Albena Jones

IWC President