Dear Ladies,

Welcome to our summer edition of the IWC newsletter where you will find details of events for July and August. For those of you that are leaving or have left for your summer vacation, you are already on the way to recharging your batteries with friends and families and we wish you a peaceful summer break.

Some of our members are now packing to leave Bulgaria to take on new challenges elsewhere and I would like to wish them well on their journey. Several of those members leaving have been especially active in their time with the IWC and we shall miss there energy, enthusiasm and most especially their friendship. Wherever they go they will not only be our loss but a huge gain in their new community. Hopefully it will work both ways and we will be welcoming ladies new to Bulgaria to join the IWC where they can share their experiences and also gain an insight into their new home.

Be assured that the the IWC board and the office will be busy throughout the summer, we will be making preparations for this year’s bazaar, we continue to make improvements to the website and are working on organising interesting events to suit all our members. Last month we had one member attend our open day and we were delighted to welcome Liliana Padilla to the office and  listen to her suggestions and ideas. I hope that if you are still here in Sofia on the 3 July that you will be able to  attend our next open day to discuss the constitution as we value all members comments. The constitution is in urgent need of reform and if you feel you have some time and experience to help us prepare this important document please contact anyone on the board or the office.

Of course, like me, if you are spending most of the summer in Sofia, there are lots of things planned to keep the whole family entertained. Be sure to check out the events we have planned for July and August in the newsletter or on the website.

I would also like to remind you about our ‘wish you were here’ summer photo competition. We have a Magnum of Champagne to be won!  Snap that fantastic view, party, or special moment and upload to the IWC website, there is no restriction on the subject. There is more information here in the newsletter and on the website, take a look and let us have a little glimpse of your summer!

If you are traveling back to your home country and you have room in your suitcases for your return to Sofia, you may want to fill them up with souvenirs, artwork and food that can be sold at the annual charity bazaar. I know many of you help in this way and it is very much appreciated by the the stall holders and the bazaar team.

What ever you are doing this summer, we will be here looking forward to seeing your relaxed smiling faces in September!

Best wishes

Angela Bird