I will start by thanking you for the trust you bestowed on me, giving me the opportunity to serve the club as the new IWC president for 2017/2018. I would like to welcome Claudia, Iliana, Mihaela, Elitsa Lingorski and Zarina as our new team and board members. I wish to thank my predecessor Angela and her board members for their service. I would also like to thank all the existing members for their tireless dedication and hard work supporting the social aspect of IWC and its Charity Bazaar.

Currently, our club has over 127 members from 36 different nationalities. It is essential to continue providing a welcoming environment and to strengthen the relationship between all members, both current and new. Without your engagement this will not be possible.
Team work and respect for each other’s background, culture and experience will allow us to have a strong sense of community.

I am looking forward to a truly remarkable and exciting year together.

Yours sincerely,
Lilly White?