Dear Ladies,

The good weather, it seems, is now finally upon us and our thoughts are turning to the holidays, warm days and relaxing with friends and family. With this in mind we hope we have come up with some great events for you to try in June.

As mentioned at the coffee morning last month, we will be hosting an open day every month (apart from August) at the IWC office in Sofia Business Park. The theme of the open day this month is ‘Membership’. If you would like to discuss membership rules, ideas for change, additional criteria or views on how we move our membership forward then we would like to hear from you.

It has been very encouraging for the board to see many of you coming forward with ideas for events and attending the events we have planned for you. It makes it easier to arrange when these are the activities you want to organise and attend. Having been to the lunch at Confetti and ‘Favourites of the East’ hosted by our Japanese members Maki and Miwako, I can safely say that anything to do with food is very popular!

This month we are offering a variety of activities from silk painting and jewellery workshops to afternoon tea and an international pot luck, something, we hope, to suit all tastes! Some of these activities do require a small payment, usually this is a nominal fee to cover the cost of goods supplied. So I am asking that when you sign up, please check if there is a cost and pay the small deposit that is required.Most of these events are planned with a minimum attendance in mind and it is only fair to the organisers that we respect their commitment by returning the favour.

You may also want to bring a little extra Leva with you to spend at our two commercial tables, one with gorgeous baby clothes and the other, beautiful hand painted scarves, I guarantee they will be hard to resist!

We are trying to get together some exciting prizes for the coffee morning Tombola, if you can help in securing any donations, please contact the office. This month we have a voucher for a stay at the brand new ClubHotel Riu Helios Paradise on the Black Sea, make sure you buy your tickets for a chance of winning this great prize! The money raised from the Tombola usually goes back into the club funds but occasionally the money raised is given as a one off donation to a good cause, this month we will be donating the money to Penka Dzhorzhakova from Trojan and her bedridden daughter who is also a single mother and has currently no means of supporting herself. So even more reason to purchase your tickets!

Finally, As you may know, we like to change the venue of the monthly coffee morning in the summer to take advantage of the lovely weather, so I am pleased to announce that the newly appointed British Ambassador in Bulgaria, Emma Hopkins, has kindly offered to host our July coffee morning in the gardens of the British Residence. To accommodate this the date of the July coffee morning has been changed to Wednesday 1 July, We will pass on further details in due course and we look forward to seeing you there, In the meantime I wish you all a very happy June.

Angela Bird