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Well, belatedly, summer finally arrived in Bulgaria I hope that when read this that it is still beautifully warm!

Welcome to our September issue of the IWC Newsletter and to the new season at the women’s club. A particularly special welcome if you are new to Bulgaria or the IWC. We hope you find us friendly and welcoming. Ladies if you see a new or unfamiliar face please go and say hello. Remember, once it was you who knew no-one and had just started the adventure of living away from home!

We have several activities this month to help those new to Sofia (or not!) to acquaint themselves with the history and facilities. We are arranging to join the Free Sofia Walking Tour on Tuesday 23rd when you can join us and get a 2 hour guided tour of the centre of Sofia with stories and anecdotes about the history of the city both ancient and more modern. We will break off the tour at 1pm to have lunch together at Mama Mia behind Alexander Nevski Cathedral. I would encourage everyone to come, whether established members or new, as every time I go on the walking tour I learn some new fascinating or funny fact from a different guide and we can welcome those new to Sofia and get to know one another over lunch afterwards.

This month, as has become traditional at the IWC in September, we are celebrating Bulgarian month to honour and celebrate our host country and to inform and entertain those of us who are new to Bulgaria. As part of these celebrations our Vice President, Maria Nasledikova, will be giving a cooking demonstration of Bulgarian dishes on Friday 12th September and a talk about her collection of national Bulgarian costume on Tuesday 9th. Places are limited in Maria’s apartment so sign up quickly to get on the list. As is our usual practice there is a cost to cover ingredients for our members for the cooking demonstration.

We want to celebrate and learn about other countries represented by members in the club during the year so if you and some friends would like to put your selves forward then please speak to me or any other board member and we’ll help and give you some ideas. Likewise, as ever we are very keen for new interest groups to start and be part of our activities for you and other members to enjoy so talk to us if you have ideas and are willing to be the leader or arranger of a group.

Every September the leaders of our regular activities such as hiking group, book club and the language conversation groups etc need to rewrite their email list to keep them up-to-date. If you plan to attend these activities this year, even if you were on the list last year, please sign up on the relevant list on the activities table.

Finally, we will have the first of our bazaar stall-holders meetings this month. This will be our 20th Annual Charity Bazaar and is being opened by the President of Bulgaria, His Excellency, Rosen Plevneliev. The IWC has an excellent reputation in the charity field now in Bulgaria, built up over those twenty years with more than 315,000 BGN raised and used by Bulgarian charities last year. Let us do even better this year and make the most of the opportunity that this 20th bazaar presents. Put your thinking caps on for new ideas and encourage friends and colleagues to take part in what has become a fantastic celebration of international friendship and collaboration. This is women performing at their best, with compassion, kindness and hard work. Let’s say hooray to that!