Dear Ladies,

The month of March is full of wonderful celebrations and events: the 1st of March – Baba Marta, the exchange of martenitsi symbolizing well-being and the arrival of spring; the3rd of March is Bulgaria’s Liberation Day from the Ottoman occupation; the 8th of March is International Woman’s Day; the 13th of March is Good Samaritans Day, when we should carry out an act of kindness no matter how big or how small; the 20th of March is officially the first day of spring and the 22nd of March is World Water Day which is globally celebrated to bring focus on people affected by water-related issues.
Spring is knocking at the door of the IWC as well, we have a month full of fantastic events, planned by our Vice President Maya Metodieva, for all of us to enjoy, starting right now!

After today’s Coffee Morning, you are invited to stay for a special 8th of March lunch! As usual it will be subsidized by the club, with each member paying 20 BGN towards the cost. We thought it will be most convenient, as we are already gathered here today – to continue socializing, as our monthly event transforms into a nice lunch, with entertainment and a tombola with fabulous prizes.

I would like to thank those of you who wrote in with your e-mails of support and suggestions. I am pleased by the kind words from some members, the ideas from others and of course the doze of criticism, as we learn from all experiences – good and bad. Also my vote of gratitude goes to former board members Toi Castello i Rene for her guidance prior to the last IWC Charity Bazaar execution and to Kelsa Smith-Mouskourova for her continued assistance to our current treasurer.

I would like to assure all members that the IWC board has been working very hard to deal with past and present challenges and we have also commenced an important project to put in place systematic procedures and manuals for most IWC tasks that have to be carried out every year by the serving board members.
After a turbulent last year it has fallen on us to restore balance and harmony to the club and we have just started working…for that reason some of us including myself will be putting in for a re-submission of our Board applications at next month’s AGM. We have concerns that need to be addressed, but most importantly we have resolutions, your ideas and our ideas that we would like to share and implement together for the betterment of the IWC.

A nominating committee is being formed and I would encourage all members who wish to contribute their time, dedication and expertise to the running of our organization to submit their applications.
And finally I do hope you like your 8th of March token gift from the IWC – handmade embroidery brooches by Bulgarian Art designer Elizabeth Philipova.

Have an enjoyable month of March!

Albena Jones
IWC President