Dear Ladies,

I would like to start by saying how proud I am to again be a part of the board, this time as your President, and I would like to thank not only those members who supported me, but to all candidates and members who took the time and consideration to vote in last month’s election. This is essential for the future of the club, which relies on having many candidates applying for positions and for all members to vote, ensuring that we have a board that truly represents the members’ wishes.

This club has a 25 year history in Sofia, with some of the first members still active to the present day, and it is also remembered as a rewarding experience by women long after they have left to follow new opportunities. I hope we can continue to have the same positive and friendly impression on those women who have recently joined our international family.

I would like to commend our departing board members, particularly Maria Naslednikova, a member of the club from the very beginning, who has wholeheartedly arranged club events month in, month out, come rain or shine, and who must surely deserve a medal for pure stamina! Also we bid farewell to our outgoing president Lynne Godding, who, over the last two years, has steered the club through its much needed transition into a more professionally run organisation – a feat which has not been without its challenging moments. I can only pledge to continue to build upon this work, and to help the club to shine on well into the future.

The chance to be working with experienced board members Sibeal and Maria fills me with confidence, and together with our newcomers Toi and Becky (who will bring their own energy, thoughts and ideas to the group) I believe we have a winning combination! Lastly but definitely not least, I am very thankful to have our office staff, without whom the executive board would not be able to function, and in particular our office manager Elitsa Lingorski, who is the glue that holds us all together!

It is with pleasure that I now look forward to working with the newly elected executive board, to not only continue to provide monthly social events and ensure the smooth running of the club and charity foundation, but also to revitalise the club within the community, encourage new members and to generally help it keep pace with our ever-changing lives. There will always be new challenges to face and overcome, but we on the board can only do so much, and need the participation of all members to realise the needs of the club. So please, don’t be shy, come forward with your ideas, thoughts, time and of course your presence. This is your club; we are here for you!

With best wishes,

Angela Bird