As a U.S. citizen, November is the month when we take the time to reflect upon the things in life that we are thankful for, as we celebrate Thanksgiving..

I would like to share with you that I am thankful for all the members that are stepping up by working with the current board. Iliana has a Charity Chair Committee, Michaela – a Charity Bazaar Committee,  and Mrs. Amy Dincuff, IWC member, is the Chair of the Nominating Committee. Fantastic ladies that are working together all as one team. Everyone is very active and busy.

Thank you to Mihaela and her Committee who just had a very successful Stallholders meeting at the Polish Embassy thank to Mrs Aldona Krajevska warm welcome.

Very thankful for Mrs. Harangozó, the Ambassador of Hungary who asked us to organize and sell the Tombola Tickets at their Hungarikum Festival on October 19th and 20th. She donated the proceeds to the IWC.
I am very thankful for all the donations that our IWC received from the many Asian countries who were very generous with our club and donated a lot of money from their Asian Bazaar event that I am hoping to be in Sofia and attend next Spring.

A big thank you again and again to each and everyone of you for keeping this Club running and getting involved in helping with the Bazaar.

We are trying to update the website and adding new IWC members Offers & Discounts. Your suggestions are always welcome. Movie nights will be added to our events when possible. Cooking demonstrations at members houses and learning about each others cultures will be well appreciated. I ask all the members to please share with us how they celebrate the holiday season in their country in writing so we’ll publish them in our December Holiday Newsletter.

Let’s all work together and concentrate on the objectives of this Club and continue to build beautiful memories.

Wishing the November birthday members a Happy and blessed one and a Blessed Thanksgiving to all the members that celebrate it.

In Friendship,

Lilly White