Dear ladies,

We should be very proud to be members of the International Women’s Club, research was carried out by our own Sponsors Coordinator Diana Michaels-Christopher and it was established that the IWC-Sofia is the only women’s organisation in the World that raises such a significant amount of money (nearly 200,000 EUR) for charity in a single day! How great is that? Of course this achievement is thanks to the efforts of all involved in the annual IWC Charity Bazaar – you, our stallholders, our sponsors and donors and, of course, the Bulgarian people. So it goes to show what a responsible and significant role we each have.

Even more participants filled up the big hall of the Romanian embassy at the 3rd Stallholders meeting. Instruction presentations were done by Nicole Simmons, Angelina Makareva and UniCredit Bulbank. The feedback after the meeting was very positive, everyone is getting excited, preparations are well on the way, as we now have less than a month to the Bazaar.

In early October myself and IWC VP Maya Metodieva attended a fruitful meeting with Mr. Tsvetan Simeonov – the Chairman of the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce. After briefing him on our organisation’s development and new bazaar implementations, Mr. Simeonov expressed his delight from the work of the IWC and offered us tremendous support in goods for sale. The donations will be made to the IWC from numerous Bulgarian manufacturers such as wine, ljutenitsa and canned foods, the goods are to be sold on the joint IWC/BCCI stall.

This is the best time for you to decide where best can you assist and dedicate a portion of your time to the preparation or implementation on the 2nd of December. We need lWC ladies only for the treasury room, to assist with sorting and counting money. We need 5-7 members to rotate on the IWC /BCCI stall, which will also include the IWC Bake stall, it will sell the goods donated by companies via the BCCI and various IWC items as the 2019 Calendar, cookbook and others… I am happy to say that our bazaar promotional videos featuring some of you and voice recordings done by me are now ready. Thank you to Lily Kisiova and Elisaveta Petrusheva for coordinating.

We also have an overwhelming requests for IWC partnership support by Bulgarian associations and NGO’s. At the IWC office I hosted the founder of FSCI, the founders of Maiko Mila (who are here with us today), met with 5km run NGO and the Federation of the Blind in Bulgaria. Gratitude goes to Johanna Alcantara and her husband for the sponsorship at the IWC/5km Blind run prizes for the blind runners through GVC Services Bulgaria. Also terrific work this month by the IWC Calendar ladies, thank you so much for your paricipation and patience, I know it was time-consuming, but we had a lot of fun during the photo shoots, we bonded and created some unforgettable moments and most importantly together we produced fabulous pictures to hopefully sell thousands of copies of our 2019 IWC calendar contributing to the worthy causes in Bulgaria, the country that unites us!

Albena Jones

IWC President