Dear Ladies,

    The weather is definitely telling us that our summer is nearly over,  but I’m sure we are all still trying to catch the last sunny day before we start thinking of pulling out our winter coats and boots.  I personally love the seasons, a continually changing scenery,  inviting us to visit familiar spots with new eyes.

    This is also a good description for the first stallholder meeting held last month.  For any of you who attended, there was of course the usual and essential information about registration, your requirements, and how we can help you.  But things are changing!  New opening times, new space,  new entertainment.  Toi and her team are pushing the boundaries, let’s make sure we all keep pace,  no one will want to miss this bazaar!

    October is breast cancer awareness month and as a women’s club,  this should be close to all our hearts (so to speak!) Take the time to consider your own health,  with examinations,  check ups,  a little bit of love and attention for yourself now is good for all of your family in the long run.

    I am pleased to announce that Marina Stefanova has joined Zarina in the office, both are working part time with Marina on a temporary contract to cover Elitsa while she is on maternity leave. We now have full office coverage,  which, with our busiest time upon us,  is essential. Please do come and say hello to Marina and join me in welcoming her to our club.

    I also have good news regarding the vacant board position of charity chair. Lily White contacted me to apply for this position and we are very fortunate that she has many years of past charity work to bring with her.  Due to the complication of the early departure of the previously elected chair person back in May, Maria Ilieva is still legally registered as our charity chair and after consulting with our lawyers and Maria, she has very kindly agreed to commit to this until the next election in April. Lilly has agreed to work with Maria as Co chair and will be your day to day contact for charity visits and information. I would like to thank Maria and Lilly for their cooperation and commitment in this complicated matter.

    Lastly, please remember to renew your membership by October 31st, you can pay in cash or by card at the coffee morning or at the office.  You can also apply and pay online through the IWC website. As you may know the constitution states that Bulgarian members must be no more than 15% of the total membership,  therefore we need to have this deadline to review our numbers and legality. Having a fuller international membership ensures we can accommodate all Bulgarian women who wish to join,  so please encourage your friends and Coworkers to join our unique club!

    Best wishes,