Dear Ladies,

Summer is nearly over and as we all start returning to Sofia I hope you have all bought back happy memories of time spent with family and friends. Many of us, still in Sofia in August, enjoyed a very relaxed coffee morning on the terrace of Barbarossa Restaurant, as well as events such as the cheese tasting curtesy of Mlekarnitsata Dobrev in Journalist Square and our very own Toi Castello and Liliana Padilla delighted us with homemade Spanish and Argentinian dishes.

As always summer is the time we say goodbye to members who are departing Bulgaria and the IWC, but we were particularly sad to say a sudden farewell to our board member and treasurer, Sibeal Reynolds, who, due to family commitments, left Bulgaria this summer to return to Ireland. Although Sibeal is supporting us as much as possible from a distance we do need to find a new treasurer and board member and I ask if anyone is interested in taking on this role to contact me as soon as possible. I wish Sibeal all the best and I know you will all share in a massive thank you to her for her hard work and commitment to the club over the years.

September brings the start of a new year at the club, where we will be re joining activity groups, participating in the upcoming events and of course immersing ourselves in the bazaar preparations.  With this in mind please do not forget to renew your membership subscription!  This can be made online with payment through the bank account, through the office or at the September coffee morning. All the details can be found on the website or here in the newsletter.

As well as the monthly events there will also be sign up sheets for all the current regular activity groups. These groups do vary from year to year as people are coming and going, particularly through the summer. So if you do not find an activity that you are interested in or if you would like to organise an activity for the ladies yourself, please make this known at the events table!  Please also take the time to look at the guest pricing structure for events. These details will be on the events page in the September issue and under general information in the following newsletters..We are always working hard to acquire special prices, discounts and offers for you, the members and while we welcome guests to attend some events, we do not feel they should have this full advantage until they have joined the club as a member.

September also means that work starts in earnest on this year’s annual Charity Bazaar with the first stallholder meeting to be held at the Polish embassy on the 16th September. If you are interested in running a stall on behalf of the IWC or you or someone you know would like to organise a country stall, or offer your time or services, please give your detail to Toi Castello, our Bazaar Coordinator and she will send you all the relevant details. Toi is particularly looking forward to hearing from anyone who would like to coordinate the volunteers that are needed prior to and on the Bazaar day itself.

With so much going on, I look forward to seeing you all in the coming months, not only to hear all your lovely holiday stories, but to listen to your idea’s and thoughts so that together we can move our club forward to suit the needs of its members.

Best wishes

Angela Bird