Dear IWC members,


Warm greetings and welcome back to one of the busiest times of the year. I do hope everyone is feeling recharged and energized after the wonderful summer months. We would love to hear all about your trips, adventures and the lasting memories you created with your friends and loved ones in our First ever Members Competition. A short essay “My most memorable summer moments”, good luck to all entries, which must be submitted by the 17th of September.

As you have all sensed by now we are on a transformational path of uplifting the presence and the image of the IWC to be not only the oldest but to become the most significant Bulgarian based women’s charity organization.

I am delighted to report on what has been achieved in the last few months.

Gratitude to the Bazaar Coordinators and team for dedicating their time to participate, meet with sponsors and brainstorm ideas. The monthly bazaar team meetings which were kindly hosted by our efficient Nicole Simmons, have resulted in a smooth preparation and laying the foundations of what is anticipated to be the biggest and best IWC charity Bazaar.

Our move to a new IWC office is an achievement I am personally very proud of as we are now located in the heart of Sofia at the prestigious TZUM building. Thank you to IWC office Manager Zarina and to our office associate Milena for coordinating and executing the move.

In preparation for our BIG 30th Anniversary event in 2019, some key elements have been established, as a result of the discussions with various IWC partners, the board and your input over the last coffee mornings.

The event to celebrate the occasion will be a Gala Dinner which will remain in the IWC calendar to form our second annual fundraising event. It is proposed for it to be held in the second half of May 2019 at the Grand Ballroom of the Marinela  Hotel.  The proceeds from the ticket sales and funds raised by the unique auction planned will create a second pot of financial donations by the IWC.

My final innovative idea (for now) involves all of us in a more close and personal aspect, many already know about it, as some have contributed to the formation of the idea during the July CM.  It’s to print the first IWC calendar, with us the members featured in it. This will be an Anniversary issue calendar, however, we will have to be created now, as it will be sold at the IWC Bazaar stall to generate funds.

Full details on all the above can be found inside this Newsletter edition.

I would like to thank for your verbal and e-mail contributions and please keep it coming, as that is the only way we will shape up the club to be the way we want it to be.

In the past couple of months, we participated in events with some of the charity organisations we support and we received numerous project reports and updates from others.

Thanks to the support of the IWC, over 950 children of different ages took part in the Summer Academy of “Teach for Bulgaria” which officially opened on the 30th of July, among the guests at the ceremony was the IWC Vice-President Maya Metodieva, who greeted the students.

On the 31st of July, the Foundation for Social Change and Inclusion and the IWC participated in an information meeting on the partnership for Early Childhood Development in Vulnerable Communities.

Thanks to the support of the International Women’s Club, FSCI is able to cover the main costs of its public support centre in the vulnerable community of Fakluteta, where children and their parents receive help in the first and most important steps of the education system. I attended the meeting along with IWC members Miwako Note, Vessy Azar and Lily Kisiova. Thank you, ladies, for the representation.

Our IWC membership is on the rise in the last 3 months we have had and would like to welcome the following new members – Naomi Wasitis, Maria Solarska, Mariya Tsacheva, Veneta Behar, Margarita Sabeva and Nevena Doycheva-Ryan.


And it’s always sad to say “Goodbye” especially to the remarkable Vivi Patricia Anis from Indonesia who has been a true IWC activist and the charming Italian Raffaella Stroili. We wish you success in all you do and wherever your path takes you, remember you will always have friends at the IWC in Sofia.


Albena Jones

IWC President