We would like to take this opportunity to give special thanks to two organizations which have, for many years now, helped us help orphans and the handicapped in Bulgaria:
The IWC Charity Foundation’s Petrovo project, which includes 10 babas, three physiotherapists, and a speech therapist, is partially funded with the generous financial help of the Macedonian Outreach Program. We were delighted to have the director, Vula Rushdoony, and several of the organization’s members visit with us in Petrovo in June. For their visit, they donated about a year’s worth of cleaning supplies and detergents, knitted
hats for the children, and lots of wonderful fabric for the babas who love to sew. Thank you, Vula, and thank you to our friends at Macedonian Outreach for your continued, heartfelt, and generous support during the years we’ve had the privilege to work with you. The Drammen Rotary Club from Norway has generously contributed to the IWC Charity Foundation’s projects in the Zlatitsa and Buzovgrad orphanages
over the years. Besides financial contributions to our baba programs, the Drammen Rotary Club has also independently helped finance renovations in both orphanages. Most recently, the club has financed new children’s beds and bedding in Buzovgrad. It was nice to have two members visit the orphanages with us in June, and we look forward to their planned visit in the fall.
A sincere thanks to Ingrid Lycke Ellingsen and the members of the Drammen Rotary Club for your help!