The IWC supports projects that 1) provide care and therapy to children with physical and mental disabilities to give them a better quality of life; and 2) raise public awareness and help social inclusion.

• Petrovo Home. This is a social home for 90 severely disabled children. The IWC has supported this home since 2003 with a physiotherapy program, speech therapy program and a baba program. We currently fund 3 physiotherapists, 11 babas (retired women who give individual care to the children), 2 psychologists and 2 speech therapists.

• Maria Luisa Children’s Home, Buzovgrad. This institution accommodates 87 children from 0 to 5 years old, many of whom have disabilities. The Baba Program is in its fourth year with 6 babas giving exclusive care to 2 children each. The IWC also funds a full time psychologist of the Day Center that provides specialized care for children with disabilities in the community.

• Zlatitsa Orphanage. This institution has 48 children from 0 to 4, many of whom have disabilities. The IWC started a Baba Program at the beginning of 2009, and currently 6 babas are giving individual care and love to 2 children each. The IWC also funded physiotherapy equipment.

• Slantchitze Children’s Home. This is a social home for 55 disabled children. The IWC supports the home with a baba program, now in its fourth year.

• “Children who care”. This project, run by Light for Life Foundation, provides social activities and gives psychological support to children who are the caregivers for their disabled parents. The parents receive counseling, physical rehabilitation and have the opportunity to attend a parents’ support group. The IWC funds a psychologist for the program.

• Karin Dom, Varna. It is a day centre for rehabilitation and social integration of children with special needs and their families. Karin Dom combines practical work with advocacy and raising public awareness to help social inclusion. The IWC funds 2 rehabilitators and 2 babas.