Dear Ladies from IWC,

Once again, I would like to thank you for your donation of BGN 10,620 to Star of Hope Foundation for 2014. As I mentioned in my Preliminary Donation Report, your donation has been used to cover the expenses for the salary of our social worker in the Halfway House for Girls 18+ without parental care, leaving social institution.

Throughout 2014, our social worker has worked with the girls in the following main areas:

Finding a Job

Responsibility on the Work Place

Job Sustainability
Budgeting and Saving Money
Planning the Future After Leaving the Halfway House

as well as holding discussions on topics like,

Dealing with Conflicts

Utilizing Free Time
Safe Internet
Dealing with Anger
Hygiene, Outer Appearance.

An unforgettable moment for the whole of Star of Hope Foundation and a reward for our team’s efforts was to see Vyara and Katya, former residents of Star of Hope’s Halfway House, graduate and holding their diplomas at the Graduation Ceremony in December 2014. They both graduated from the “J. Filaretova” Medical College. Currently Vyara is working as a Laboratory worker in the First City Hospital in Sofia. Katya has worked in one pharmacy as an assistant pharmacist but has left this job and is currently getting ready to start a new job in another pharmacy. Their success is success not only for Star of Hope, but for IWC as well. Together, we can make a difference!

The names in this text have been changed deliberately.