With this letter, I would like to thank you once again for your donation in the beginning of 2014 for Star of Hope. Through it, we have been able to pay the salary of our social worker in Star of Hope’s Halfway House for girls.

Ljubka Ivanova, our social worker of the girls, is a very committed worker. She devotes her time in helping the girls in many areas of their lives. Maya, one of our residents in 2013/2014, initially could not keep a job for more than a month. Our social worker worked hard with her on overcoming this problem, and the results are now obvious. Maya’s work discipline has considerably improved and this has helped her not only get a good job, but also to keep it.

We are proud with Vyara, a former resident of our halfway house, whom Star of Hope helped 3 years ago to enroll at Filaretova Medical College. This year, Vyara successfully finished her studies there to become a laboratory analyst. This week, she was accepted to continue her education and to study Health Management. Out of around 70 candidates for this specialty, Vyara was one of the 20 students accepted! Seeing these encouraging results brings the confidence that all the effort of Star of Hope, devoted to help the underprivileged people without parental care, are worth it! Our successes are your successes too!

The main areas in which Ljubka works with the girls at our Halfway House are:

Professional Orientation and Choosing the Right Job
Job Seeking
Budgeting and Management of Finances
Planning the Future After Leaving the Halfway House

as well as holding discussions on topis like:

Dealing with Conflicts
Safe Internet
Dealing with Anger
Hygiene, Outer Appearance
Healthy Food, etc.


Some of the names in this text have been changed deliberately.