Dear Leaders and Members of the International Women’s Club,

THANK YOU for your generous support of our 2015 Summer Camp for Children Without Parental Care!! 37 children were able to come to camp, and a wonderful time was had by all! Of all of our summer camps, this one had the largest variety of activities available to the children, and went the most smoothly.

In the morning the children met in small groups for discussions. This was followed by English lessons or tutoring in Bulgarian reading and writing. After this, everyone had arts-and-crafts. From decorating t-shirts to making their own stuffed animals, each day had an activity that was fun for all, and gave the children something to take with them with which to remember their time at camp.

The afternoons were our most active time! The children got to go swimming in the early afternoon. This is a favorite activity for almost everyone, especially because for most of the kids this is the only opportunity they have to swim all year! Swimming was followed by either soccer or dancing. We had a wonderful children’s dance teacher come from the United States to lead lessons that the kids really enjoyed –from Latin dance steps to ballet leaps to fun dancing games, it was a unique and joyful experience!

The evenings were time for special events. We had scavenger hunts, games, a talent show, and we even had a Bulgarian teen movie star come and talk to the kids about acting, encouraging them to persevere and not to give up on their goals!

None of this would have been possible without your support. Not only did the kids have a wonderful camp experience, making memories for a lifetime, they also grew in their social skills, self-confidence, and communication abilities. Most importantly, the bond of trust and mutual respect was strengthened between the children and our staff and volunteers. It is this bond that will give us success in working with these precious children and youth throughout the school year to come.

THANK YOU for your invaluable partnership as we work with these children to prepare them for a bright future as strong, healthy individuals that are able to contribute to society and to make Bulgaria a better place! We are deeply thankful.