Dear Leaders and Members of the International Women’s Club of Sofia,

We want to thank you deeply for your generous support of our 2014 summer camp for children without parental care! We can honestly say that this is the best camp we’ve had to date. While much of this is due to the deep foundation of trust we’ve build over the years in the Dupnitsa orphanage, and the wonderful volunteers who work with us, an important part of this is because of your gracious giving, which allowed us put-on a high-quality camp, and to do new and interesting things!

As in years past, our camp was made up of daily small group lessons and mentoring, which allow us much more meaningful and intensive opportunities to help the children in their personal and social development. We also had daily arts-and-crafts, swimming, sports, and tutoring. In addition, we had different excursions and evening programs throughout the week.

One of the things the kids loved the most was swimming! They don’t usually get the chance to do this, and it was a joy to see even some of the most timid children enjoying the water. Arts-and-crafts was also a really special time; the children were able to explore their talents and abilities in new ways, while creating keepsakes of their camp experience, and possibly also creating some life-long hobbies! Some of the favorites were rug-making, salt-dough creations, and beading!

The children had educational excursions, such as visiting the Museum “Neofit Rilsky,” and others that were just plain fun, like a photo scavenger hunt throughout Bankso, and an evening trip into town for ice cream!

Thank you, again, for your faithful and generous support, making all of this possible. We are enormously grateful for your partnership as we endeavor to provide these children and youth with the tools for healthy, full, self-sufficient lives.