Dear IWC friends,

The International Women’s club of Sofia (IWC) is pleased to inform you that preparations are underway for its 21st Annual Charity Bazaar, scheduled to take place from 10:30 until 17:00 on Sunday, 6th December 2015 at the Inter Expo Center (IEC) – Sofia.

Every year the Annual Charity Bazaar provides an opportunity for countries to proudly showcase their handmade crafts, music, souvenirs, folklore, national cuisine, clothing, literature, culture and tradition. At last year’s bazaar there were 66 stalls, 44 of which were representing 49 countries, 11 charities and 18 IWC Stalls. 1,500 volunteers worked to make this happen and more than 7,000 people visited the bazaar. The IWC is extremely proud that now in its 21st year, the annual charity bazaar is a long standing favourite with the people of Sofia.

Thanks to the funds collected during the 20th Annual Bazaar, the Charity Foundation of IWC-Sofia was able to fund 23 projects; four new and eighteen ongoing projects. The total amount of financial support was approximately BGN 320,000 and it will affect the lives of over 2,500 people in Bulgaria.

A few examples provide a glimpse of this: the IWC Charity foundation is one of the biggest donors to the Soup Kitchen of Sofia, where from December to the end of March more than 1,700 of the poorest people, including those with disabilities, are given food each day. Another financed project of the IWC Charity foundation is the Breast Cancer Campaign, helping women of remote regions receive free breast screening and health advice. The IWC enlarged the project this year with additional funding to include Thyroid and Prostate examinations. Our goal is that more people achieve early intervention.

For the second consecutive year the IWC-Sofia is helping refugees. Two new projects were financed recently: The Refugee Project, a joint initiative between CVS Bulgaria and Caritas Sofia and the project of The council of Refugee Women in Bulgaria.  Free medical examinations help refugee children who lack a clear status.

The IWC Charity Foundation also supports a music project. Music has a great impact on children’s development, but children from small, remote towns are often denied access to musical instruments. They lack access to a worldwide musical heritage and development of their talent.  Our music project opens the door not only to their musical skills but also to their confidence.

The full list of all projects supported by the IWC-Sofia is available on this website in the Charity Projects section.

Following is the 2015 Donor Reward Scheme. Any help on your behalf will be greatly appreciated!



All donors irrespective of the size of donation will be recognised by having their name and/or logo on the TV screens in both halls on the day of the bazaar; will appear in the IWC website charity donor pages and in the 2015 Charity Bazaar ‘Thank You’ brochure, as well as on their chosen country stall, where available.

All donors will receive complimentary entrance tickets for the bazaar. All donors will be invited to our Thank You cocktail reception.

White      1,000+

Companies or individuals who donate 1,000 BGN or more (in cash, goods or services) will have their logo and/or name appear on the large banner in the foyer of the IEC on the day of the bazaar.

Blue        5,000+

Companies or individuals who donate 5,000 BGN or more (in cash, goods or services) will also be able to have individual banners in both halls.

Silver      10,000+

Companies or individuals who donate 10,000 BGN or more (in cash, goods or services) will also  have an individual banner in the foyer and increased logo size on the main banner and in the Thank You Brochure.

Gold        20,000+

Companies or individuals who donate 20,000 BGN or more (in cash, goods or services) will  have a further increase in the size of the logo for the banner and the Thank You Brochure. The logo will also appear in the IWC newsletter.

Diamond    30,000+

Companies or individuals who donate 30,000 BGN or more as a cash donation will afford the donor all of the above and will also include:

Their logo and/or name will be the largest and most prominent to appear on the banner and in the Thank You Brochure. Their logo and/or name will also have a prominent position in the IWC newsletter, on the IWC website and with a link to their own website. Their logo and/or name will appear on all promotional material to include tickets, posters, flyers, and the entertainment programme on the day. Their logo and/or name will appear in all media promotions including, video clips in the metro stations, all press releases, radio and tv interviews.

With all Bazaar donors a donation contract will be signed which could be used for tax reduction purposes in compliance with Bulgarian Corporate Income Tax Act.