Wanted: Volunteers to serve on the board of the IWC 2014/2015

Has the IWC helped you feel settled in Sofia? Would you like to be able to give something back to the IWC? Do you believe and support the objectives of the IWC and have a few hours per week to spare? If you have been a member of the club for at least a year, why not volunteer for one of the seven positions on the board listed & described below. We guarantee you a great experience working together with women from around the world, learning about their cultural backgrounds, sharing skills and knowledge whilst helping to welcome newcomers to Sofia and supporting the local community through charity projects. Make the most of your time in Sofia by serving on the board of the IWC. Satisfaction guaranteed! (By the way the salary for the these top positions comes with a lot of zeros – in fact as many as you like because it is of course zero 😉


Please send an application letter to lisesemb@online.no no later than 20th March 2014, briefly introducing yourself and stating the specific office of candidacy you are interested in running for. If you have any questions or hesitations, please feel free to contact any of the board or nominating committee members for a chat.

Board positions: a.      The President shall preside at all meetings and set the agenda of all Board Meetings.  She may appoint Special Committees with the Executive Board’s approval.  She is the official representative and ex officio member of all committees except the Nominating Committee.  She shall be appointed  as President of the Charity Foundation of the International Women’s Club, Sofia.
b.     The Vice President shall assist the President in her duties by accepting specific tasks delegated to her by the President. She shall in particular assist the President in representational duties.  She shall perform the duties of the President in the latter’s absence. and shall be responsible for and participate actively in monthly activities and events, including the monthly meetings, and will maintain communication with activity leaders.
c.       The Treasurer shall keep the financial records and accounts, pay approved accounts of expenditure, and reimburse members for approved expenses incurred on behalf of IWC.  In addition to the duties in Article 10, the Treasurer shall inform the Membership Coordinator of membership renewal, and the Treasurer shall be responsible for transferring a) all charitable donations and b) any excess funds beyond operating costs to the Charity Foundation of the International Women’s Club, Sofia.  The Treasurer will also be responsible for presenting biannual financial reports (one at mid- term following the bazaar and one at the end of the IWC’s fiscal year) to the members by email and newsletter, with both reports including details on where funds came from and where they were disbursed.
d.       The Membership Coordinator shall be responsible for enrolment of all new members; compiling and maintaining the current membership list; providing membership papers and name badges for all meetings. She shall ensure new members receive a welcome pack on joining and shall contact new members between meetings to encourage their participation in Foundation activities.  She shall be responsible for compiling and maintaining the member’s telephone directory and the publication distribution list. She shall be responsible for answering all membership queries received by e-mail or via the IWC Website.  She shall also appoint the Hospitality Committee to assist with the above-mentioned responsibilities.
e.    The Charity Chairperson shall preside over the Charity Committee, together they shall identify charity projects.The Charity Chairperson shall ensure that for each charity project there is one project head responsible for the smooth running of that project and who shall report back to the Charity Committee. She shall participate in the charity visits and their organisation. The Charity Chairperson shall be appointed  as Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Charity Foundation of the International Women’s Club, Sofia. On behalf of said Charity Foundation she shall distribute donations and maintain the funds.  The Charity Chairperson is required to present an annual report that details what charities are receiving funding and how much funding they receive on an annual basis.  This report will be presented to the members in a general assembly meeting, as well as in the newsletter and by email, She is accountable to the Executive Board of the IWC. 
f.       The Vice Charity Chairperson shall support and assist the Charity Chairperson in all her duties and by accepting specific tasks delegated to her by the Charity Chairperson. She shall perform the duties of the Charity Chairperson in the latter’s absence. The Vice Charity Chairperson shall be appointed  on the Board of Directors of the Charity Foundation of the International Women’s Club, Sofia.
g.       The Bazaar Coordinator coordinates the planning, setting up and running of Charity Bazaar. She takes active part together with the other Board Members in setting up the Bazaar Team and liaises with President, First Vice President and Charity Chairperson for all matters concerning the Bazaar. She presides at Bazaar Board meetings and gives regular updates about the Bazaar to the IWC Board and IWC Members.  She keeps the Board Members informed through the year about ongoing activities concerning the Bazaar. 


At the AGM we will vote for a constitutional change and, if carried by the members, then the board will be reduced by two to 5 members. It is the positions of Membership Coordinator and Vice Charity Chairperson that will be removed.

Nominating Committee:

Lise Semb lisesemb@online.no

Angela Bird abangelb@gmail.com

Heidi Whitfield  heidibrucetrey@hotmail.com

Dora Billingsley dora_billingsley@yahoo.com

Dessislava Sevlievska dsevlievska@hotmail.com