The IWC Supports projects that help disadvantaged women who are at risk of abandoning their babies.

• Mother and Baby Center – Stara Zagora. The Center provides shelter, care, and psychological support for mothers in difficulty. Through offering the mothers and their newborn babies a safe and supportive environment, the center helps the mothers make and keep the bond with their child. The IWC pays the salary of the social worker who assists the mothers daily.

• Health and Social Development Center. This center, located in Sofia’s Fakulteta Roma neighborhood, is run by the Health and Social Development Foundation. In partnership with Oak Foundation and Tulip Foundation, this Center is implementing a project that aims at preventing the institutionalization of children. The activities include training in parenting skills for pregnant mothers as well as alternative pre-school services. The IWC supports the program with materials for the mothers and children such as nappies, baby blankets and pillows, clothing and school supplies.