Executive Board

Lilly White

Currently working at the U.S. Embassy as an Administrative Assistant, travelling and living in different countries has been a major part of Lilly’s life for the past 29 years. She is married and has a 27 years old son and 2 teenage daughters.

Lilly has worked with several NGO’s for over 26 years. As a member of the IWC Barbados, she was in charge of organizing events and outings. Lilly moved from Rome, Italy to Sofia in August 2015, and was very exited to attend her first IWC-Sofia coffee morning back in October 2015. As an active member for the past two years she is honored to be the president for 2017/2018.

Lilly loves photography, travelling, and learning all about different international cuisines and cultures.


This position is currently vacant



Iliana Zlatareva

Iliana was born in 1954 in the town of Samokov. She has a daughter and a son and a lovely granddaughter age 7.

Iliana gained her Master’s degree in Economics in Sofia, and worked as an accountant and chief accountant for an export company after which she worked for 10 years at the American Embassy. In 1998 she started her own company.