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Dear sponsors,

Thank you for your cooperation and support for people with severe physical disabilities and their families. Your dedication and concern has brought joy and hope for the challenging life of these families.

Your donations of clothes, food, treats for the children, technical support and others have responded well to the needs of people in need. Through them you have reached out and have influenced the lives of disadvantaged people who suffer from severe physical disabilities.

Surprise, gratitude and many smiles glow on the children’s faces when they receive gifts from you. Your care and persistence has contributed towards reducing social inequality in our society.
We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your grace and faithfulness, and for your caring attitude towards people in need!

Maria Terzieva, Director of “Light for Life”

Maria Terzieva, Light for Life Foundation

For one week in Tsumnatitsa, Borovets 43 children enjoyed a time of laughter, joy, fun, love. We spent wonderful time with them.

Games, music, singing, dancing, arts and crafts, sport and fun programs in the evening filled their days.

This year we also had about six 6 year old kids at the camp. They were Siblings of older children. Their parents are seasonal workers and the smaller ones had no place to go. It was such a pleasure to have them there.

We were able to give clothes and shoes to the children and gifts to take back home.

For months to come they will still speak about the camp.

On behalf of all these children we want to thank you for your support

Jack, Elsabé and Lora Louw, Lora Foundation

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Dear Leaders and Members of the International Women’s Club,

THANK YOU for your generous support of our 2015 Summer Camp for Children Without Parental Care!! 37 children were able to come to camp, and a wonderful time was had by all! Of all of our summer camps, this one had the largest variety of activities available to the children, and went the most smoothly.

In the morning the children met in small groups for discussions. This was followed by English lessons or tutoring in Bulgarian reading and writing. After this, everyone had arts-and-crafts. From decorating t-shirts to making their own stuffed animals, each day had an activity that was fun for all, and gave the children something to take with them with which to remember their time at camp.

The afternoons were our most active time! The children got to go swimming in the early afternoon. This is a favorite activity for almost everyone, especially because for most of the kids this is the only opportunity they have to swim all year! Swimming was followed by either soccer or dancing. We had a wonderful children’s dance teacher come from the United States to lead lessons that the kids really enjoyed –from Latin dance steps to ballet leaps to fun dancing games, it was a unique and joyful experience!

The evenings were time for special events. We had scavenger hunts, games, a talent show, and we even had a Bulgarian teen movie star come and talk to the kids about acting, encouraging them to persevere and not to give up on their goals!

None of this would have been possible without your support. Not only did the kids have a wonderful camp experience, making memories for a lifetime, they also grew in their social skills, self-confidence, and communication abilities. Most importantly, the bond of trust and mutual respect was strengthened between the children and our staff and volunteers. It is this bond that will give us success in working with these precious children and youth throughout the school year to come.

THANK YOU for your invaluable partnership as we work with these children to prepare them for a bright future as strong, healthy individuals that are able to contribute to society and to make Bulgaria a better place! We are deeply thankful.

Spas and Christina Stoimenovi, Smile Bulgaria Foundation

Dear Ladies from IWC,

Once again, I would like to thank you for your donation of BGN 10,620 to Star of Hope Foundation for 2014. As I mentioned in my Preliminary Donation Report, your donation has been used to cover the expenses for the salary of our social worker in the Halfway House for Girls 18+ without parental care, leaving social institution.

Throughout 2014, our social worker has worked with the girls in the following main areas:

Finding a Job

Responsibility on the Work Place

Job Sustainability
Budgeting and Saving Money
Planning the Future After Leaving the Halfway House

as well as holding discussions on topics like,

Dealing with Conflicts

Utilizing Free Time
Safe Internet
Dealing with Anger
Hygiene, Outer Appearance.

An unforgettable moment for the whole of Star of Hope Foundation and a reward for our team’s efforts was to see Vyara and Katya, former residents of Star of Hope’s Halfway House, graduate and holding their diplomas at the Graduation Ceremony in December 2014. They both graduated from the “J. Filaretova” Medical College. Currently Vyara is working as a Laboratory worker in the First City Hospital in Sofia. Katya has worked in one pharmacy as an assistant pharmacist but has left this job and is currently getting ready to start a new job in another pharmacy. Their success is success not only for Star of Hope, but for IWC as well. Together, we can make a difference!

The names in this text have been changed deliberately.

Emilia Manolova, Founder and Director, Star of Hope Foundation

On the 4th February Association Child and Space received from the IWC Charity Foundation a donation of 114 boxes with cakes for the children in our two family type accommodation centres. Thank you for your kindness and empathy, and the care and support which you have shown to these children.

We would like to express our joy for the fact that we know that we can count on you. With your constant support you have a continuous presence in the lives of children entrusted in our care.

Radostina Belcheva, Executive Director, Child and Space Association

With this letter, I would like to thank you once again for your donation in the beginning of 2014 for Star of Hope. Through it, we have been able to pay the salary of our social worker in Star of Hope’s Halfway House for girls.

Ljubka Ivanova, our social worker of the girls, is a very committed worker. She devotes her time in helping the girls in many areas of their lives. Maya, one of our residents in 2013/2014, initially could not keep a job for more than a month. Our social worker worked hard with her on overcoming this problem, and the results are now obvious. Maya’s work discipline has considerably improved and this has helped her not only get a good job, but also to keep it.

We are proud with Vyara, a former resident of our halfway house, whom Star of Hope helped 3 years ago to enroll at Filaretova Medical College. This year, Vyara successfully finished her studies there to become a laboratory analyst. This week, she was accepted to continue her education and to study Health Management. Out of around 70 candidates for this specialty, Vyara was one of the 20 students accepted! Seeing these encouraging results brings the confidence that all the effort of Star of Hope, devoted to help the underprivileged people without parental care, are worth it! Our successes are your successes too!

The main areas in which Ljubka works with the girls at our Halfway House are:

Professional Orientation and Choosing the Right Job
Job Seeking
Budgeting and Management of Finances
Planning the Future After Leaving the Halfway House

as well as holding discussions on topis like:

Dealing with Conflicts
Safe Internet
Dealing with Anger
Hygiene, Outer Appearance
Healthy Food, etc.


Some of the names in this text have been changed deliberately.

Emilia Manolova, Founder and Director of Star of Hope Foundation

Dear Leaders and Members of the International Women’s Club of Sofia,

We want to thank you deeply for your generous support of our 2014 summer camp for children without parental care! We can honestly say that this is the best camp we’ve had to date. While much of this is due to the deep foundation of trust we’ve build over the years in the Dupnitsa orphanage, and the wonderful volunteers who work with us, an important part of this is because of your gracious giving, which allowed us put-on a high-quality camp, and to do new and interesting things!

As in years past, our camp was made up of daily small group lessons and mentoring, which allow us much more meaningful and intensive opportunities to help the children in their personal and social development. We also had daily arts-and-crafts, swimming, sports, and tutoring. In addition, we had different excursions and evening programs throughout the week.

One of the things the kids loved the most was swimming! They don’t usually get the chance to do this, and it was a joy to see even some of the most timid children enjoying the water. Arts-and-crafts was also a really special time; the children were able to explore their talents and abilities in new ways, while creating keepsakes of their camp experience, and possibly also creating some life-long hobbies! Some of the favorites were rug-making, salt-dough creations, and beading!

The children had educational excursions, such as visiting the Museum “Neofit Rilsky,” and others that were just plain fun, like a photo scavenger hunt throughout Bankso, and an evening trip into town for ice cream!

Thank you, again, for your faithful and generous support, making all of this possible. We are enormously grateful for your partnership as we endeavor to provide these children and youth with the tools for healthy, full, self-sufficient lives.

Spas Stoimenov, Director of Smile Bulgaria Foundation

Dear partners,

On behalf of ‘Light for Life’ Foundation I would like to say a huge ‘thank you’ for the food and toiletry products donated to us by the IWC. All products were allocated to people with permanent physical disabilities. The joy and gratitude of the recipients was huge.

The team of ‘Light for Life’ is very grateful for your helping hand stretching out year after year to meet the needs of those looking after family members with disabilities. Your support brings hope and faith to these people.

I would like to express our gratitude and appreciation for the continuous partnership and support received from the Charity Foundation of International Women’s Club – Sofia!

Maria Terzieva, “Light for Life” Foundation

Dear International Women’s Club,

Thanks to you, we were able to support 5 teenagers for the ‘Born To Fly’ camp. These young people were able to be put in an environment where they felt supported and special. The friendships they have built at this camp will be with them for a life-time.

Thank you for your recent generous gift to International Needs Bulgaria. Your willingness to help financially poor teenagers who come from difficult backgrounds makes all the difference in the lives of these 5 teenagers.

Our ‘Born to Fly’ camp is an important part of our year-round programmes. We work with children from 10 to 18 years of age from all over Bulgaria. We emphasise on discovering and drawing out the gifts and talents in every teen, and then use their creativity to expand those talents. Our focus is on creative arts and leadership. Workshops are led by well-known professionals in the fields of music, drama, dance, and painting.

Maria just started her 12th grade year. The youngest of 4 siblings, her father left their mother soon after she was born. Her mother makes just enough to make ends meet. She naturally has an amazing voice and it was such a great opportunity to see her develop this talent at the camp.

Maya and Georgi are siblings from the town of Plovdiv. Their father has passed away leaving it very difficult for their mother to afford any special summer activities.

Valentina and Vasilka are two friends whose fathers are both in prison. If not for your gift these girls would not be able to make new friends and be surrounded by such a positive atmosphere.

I am always open for any questions you may have about our camp and other programs here at International Needs Bulgaria.

Thank you again for all that you have done for this summer’s born to fly camp

Julia Atkova, International Needs Bulgaria